Corblin Airflow Sdn. Bhd.

The Industry's Paradigm

CORBLIN was incorporated since Jan 2002 and now become one of the major vendor as equipment and solution provider for air & gas rotating machinery including axial fan, centrifugal fan, positive displacement blower, side channel blower, vacuum pump, rotary vane compressor, pistoncompressor, diaphragm compressor, screw compressor, cooling tower fan, air fin cooler fan and air cooled condenser fan.

Our customer base including engineering consulting firm, Oil & Gas industries, Petrochemical plant, Oleo-chemical industries, palm oil mill, flour mill, sugar manufacturing plant, Chemical Acid plant, Mineral processing plant, glove manufacturing plant, steel mill, cement plant, waste water treatment industry, pulp & paper mill and power plant.

To complement our range of products and currently we have progressively diversified into wider industrial market with additional agency products including Solimarfluidizer air valve & vibrator, carbon brush & carbon vane blade for rotary vane compressor, steam heating coil, cooling coil, air radiator cooler, heat exchanger, industrial air filters, safety relief valve, check valve, flexible canvas, expansion joint, silencer, acoustic enclosure, frequency inverter, softstarter, starter panel and anti vibration isolator.

We are committed to provide consistent quality product, good service and positive respond to meet customer needs.