Corblin Airflow Sdn. Bhd.


The Innolift self loader is a Pallet & Freight loader that is designed for vans and other commercial vehicles. The Innolift is the only Manual or Electric lift loader that lifts a wide range of goods to a range of heights and then lifts itself into and out of the delivery vehicle. Designed for use with open bottom pallets, skid and crates, Innolift is ideal for moving Pallets, Medical equipment, Office Equipment, coffee machines and White goods to name a few.

Available in 5 different models, 1 manual Lift and 4 electric Lift
Standard Colors are Green with Black... Five other colours available to order (POA)
Lifts loads up to 500kg and 600kg as high as 1200mm..
Powered by a 12 Volt .8Kw motor and comes with an in-vehicle battery charger and cable.
Charges via the vehicle's cigarette lighter plug as you drive.